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Our Annual SAG 2020 Travel Guide Is Here!

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Our Annual SAG 2020 Travel Guide Is Here!

Welcome to our first annual Street Art Goods Travel Guide, which may tempt you to arrange your 2020 travel around seeing great street art (we hope it does) and attending some bombass parties (who wouldn't want to do that?). By no means is this a complete guide to street art events, mostly it's festivals, with a few curveballs thrown in. The first half of our guide covers February through June. The second half, covering July through December, will go out in a couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the Street Art News section of our website for other upcoming street art events.

Chennai, India: St+art Chennai
February 1 - March 1
Since 2014, the St+art India Foundation has been beautifying Indian cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. This year they're doing Chennai. Follow them on Instagram for festival info: @startindia. And learn more about them here.
Honolulu, Hawaii, US: POW! WOW! Hawaii
February 7 - February 15
Heading in to its 10th year, POW! WOW! has helped turn Honolulu into a major street art destination. Taking place in the hip Kaka'ako neighborhood, the festivities reach their crescendo on February 15th with a block party happening alongside the Honolulu Night Market. Follow POW! WOW! on Instagram for festival info: @powwowworldwide. And learn more about them here.
New York, New York, US: Vida Americana
February 17 - May 17
The Whitney Museum gives major props to the OG Mexican muralists of the early 20th century, who had a profound effect on American art, with their show Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art 1925-1945. Follow the Whitney on Instagram: @whitneymuseum. And learn more about the show here.
Lake Worth, Florida, US:
Street Painting Festival
February 22 & 23
This will be the 26th year of the Street Painting Festival, but the practice itself is hundreds of years old, dating back to the 16th century! Follow the festival on Instagram: @streetpainting. And learn more about it here.
MARCH 2020
Port Adelaide, Australia: Wonderwalls
March 6 - March 8
This year's festival will feature, for the first time, projection artworks. Follow the festival on Instagram: @wonderwallsportadelaide. Or check out their website here.
San José, Costa Rica: Meeting of Styles
March 13 - March 15
Born from a love of graffiti in 1997, Meeting of Styles has been organizing international events since 2002. Follow the festival on Instagram: @meetingofstylescr. And check out their website here.
Austin, Texas, US: SXSW
March 13 - March 21
SXSW is definitely not street art-centric, but street art does come out of their Art Program. At last year's SXSW, Facebook's Art Department created a 2,465-square-foot mural! Here's a video of the mural going up. Check out the 2020 SXSW artists here.
Hong Kong, China: HKwalls
March 14 - March 22
Taking place every March during Hong Kong Arts Month, HKwalls (both an entity and the festival name) is responsible for a plethora of cool pieces around the city. Follow them on Instagram: @hkwalls. And visit their website here
*Update: HKwalls has been postponed due to the ripple effects of the coronavirus outbreak.
Valencia, Spain: Las Fallas
March 15 - March 19
Las Fallas is not about street art per se, but it is a public art spectacle and it's damn cool. Hundreds of ninots (puppets or dolls) are set up around the city and then set ablaze on the final day of the festival. Check out the Instagram hashtag #ninot to see some of the amazing sculptures. Learn more about the festival here.
APRIL 2020
Benalla, Australia: Wall to Wall Festival
April 3 - April 5
Benalla might be a small city, but it is host to a big street art festival. Check out their Instagram for festival info: @walltowallfestival. Or visit their website here.
Ostend, Belgium: The Crystal Ship
April 11
All pieces for this festival are made in the week leading up to Easter, so plan to arrive early if you want to see live painting. The Crystal Ship has only been around since 2016, but has nonetheless lured major street art talent to the party. Have a look at what they did in 2019. Follow them on Instagram: @thcrstlshp. And check out their website here.
Aberdeen, Scotland: Nuart Aberdeen
April 23 - April 26
The Nuart Aberdeen festival is the much younger sibling to Norway's Nuart Stavanger, but is rapidly establishing itself in its own right. Follow them on Instagram: @nuartaberdeen. Check out their website here.
MAY 2020
Santa Barbara, California, US: I Madonnari
May 23 - May 25
Every year, street painters (madonnari in Italian), transform the plaza in front of Santa Barbara's 18th century Spanish mission with chalk pastels. This festival has been going since 1986! Check out their website here.
Grenoble, France: Street Art Fest !
May 28 - June 29
This young, but venerable festival features a film component, the Street Art Movie Fest, from May 29 to May 31. Yes, really! Follow on Instagram: @grenoblestreetartfest. And check out their website (it's in French) here.
Bristol, England: Upfest
May 30 - June 1
After taking a break in 2019, Upfest is back with a vengeance in 2020! They've scored a park, in addition to their original venue, and have arranged for all the murals to go up between May 16 and May 27. Get there early to see live painting. Follow them on Instagram: @upfest. Or have a look at their website here.
JUNE 2020
Wiesbaden, Germany: Meeting of Styles
June 4
This edition of Meeting of Styles comes at you from its birthplace: MOS is 23 years young this year. Find them on Instagram: @int_meetingofstyles. Or check out their website here.
Brooklyn, New York, US:
Bushwick Collective Block Party
June 6
This massive annual party takes place in a New York neighborhood that is filled with a treasure trove of dope street art. Their Instagram is: @thebushwickcollective. Or check out their website here.
Montreal, Canada: MURAL Festival
June 11 - June 20
Montreal is off the chain when it comes to street art and though this festival is young, it's gotten some pretty heavy hitters to take over the walls of this fair city. Find them on Instagram: @muralfestival. Or head to their website here.
Tartu, Estonia: Stencibility
June 11 - June 22
Focused on promoting the many forms of street art, Stencibility celebrated its 10th year in 2019 with a holistic cadre of events, including an exhibition of slaps from over 30 countries. Find them on Instagram: @stencibility. Or head to their website here.
Queens, NY, US:
Welling Court Mural Project
June 13
This great party features live painting. For a one-two NYC punch, do both the Bushwick Block Party and Welling Court--they're on successive Saturdays. Welling Court's Instagram: @wellingcourtmuralproject. Or check out their website here.
London, England: Meeting of Styles
June 13 & 14
Another edition of this aerosol art event, this one coming to you from London and celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Follow them on Instagram: @mos_uk. Or head to their website here.