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BoogieREZ Bucket Hat
BoogieREZ Bucket Hat
BoogieREZ Bucket Hat


BoogieREZ Bucket Hat


Protect ya dome in style with this bucket hat, the beautiful brainchild of Riiisa Boogie and Rez Ones (aka BoogieREZ), in collaboration with awesome lifestyle brand Japanklyn. The energetic all over print on the hat features motifs and phrases that are prominent in BoogieREZ’s mural work, which always strives to keep it real, and keep it positive. “Keep Rockin’!”

- cut and sewn from 4 color repeat print
- one size: 60 cm head circumference
- diameter, front to back: 30 cm (brim is 6 cm wide, crown is 8 cm tall)
- 80% polyester /20% cotton